Sen. Seminara Votes for Bill that Seeks to Speed up Wheelchair Repairs

May 2, 2024

Sen. Lisa Seminara, Ranking Senator on the Human Services Committee and a longtime advocate for the disabled, on May 2 voted in favor of legislation which seeks to decrease the amount of time it takes to get a wheelchair repaired in Connecticut.

“It is unacceptable for someone who depends on wheelchair assistance to not to have the means to get around,” Sen. Seminara said. “This bill aims to reduce frustrating long wait times for wheelchair repairs. We want to ensure this population has their needs met and address the concerns of consumers. Our bipartisan work on this issue and our dedication to protecting the rights of people with disabilities will continue.”

Sen. Seminara, who served for several months on the state’s Wheelchair Repair Task Force, heard repeatedly from people from across Connecticut on how difficult it is to get a wheelchair repaired. She noted that most wheelchair users have specialized wheelchairs, which can range widely in price and cost up to $65,000.

The legislation, which now awaits a vote in the House, implements recommendations of the task force.

“We continue to listen to those with disabilities.” Sen. Seminara said. “This bill is a good start and reflects a step in the right direction. I pledge to continue to be a leading voice on these important issues.”