Sen. Sampson Leads Eight-Hour Senate GOP Fight Against Anti-Biz Legislation

May 7, 2024

State Sen. Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott), ranking member of the Labor and Public Employees Committee, yesterday led an eight-hour senate debate into the late evening hours against a measure that forces both “mom-and-pop” and large businesses to provide paid sick leave to employees.


“This bill undermines private contracts between employers and employees, and I have consistently opposed it as a mandate that harms both small and large businesses. It is another Democrat effort to insert the force of Big Government into these contracts. Make no mistake, complete control is their goal.


“The majority claims to support workers while casting employers as villains, yet they ignore the practical implications: most businesses cannot afford this mandate, and it will lead to job losses or businesses leaving the state. By forcing employers to provide sick time with ill-defined usage rules, we’re risking our economic stability and ignoring the realities of how businesses operate. The reality is, legislative Democrats dealt workers across the state a major blow with this legislation.


“I will continue to be a voice for both businesses and workers in the state under the legislative Democrats’ continued siege,” he said.