Sen. Kelly Statement on CT Budget Stabilization Bill

May 8, 2024

Sen. Kevin Kelly today issued the following statement regarding his “yes” vote on the Connecticut budget stabilization bill.

“This legislation directs expiring federal pandemic funding to support key areas where it is desperately needed: higher education, nonprofit providers, human services, as well as mental health and youth services. It does so while adhering to the responsible bipartisan fiscal guardrails and spending caps that Republicans pushed to implement in 2017. It funds the Roberta Willis tuition scholarship program which assists students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. It also supports an effort I have championed for years: establishing presumptive eligibility for Medicaid-funded services. Establishing presumptive eligibility will make our state more hospitable for our elderly residents and their families. It will enable more seniors to age in place in their homes with independence and dignity. That policy choice will help to generate significant long-term savings for the State of Connecticut. We must continue sending a positive message to seniors throughout our state that we value them, and we want them to stay right here in our communities.”