Sen. Harding statement on Gov. Lamont’s border tolls comments

May 23, 2024

For Immediate Release

Sen. Republican Leader Stephen Harding today said he appreciates Gov. Ned Lamont’s May 22 public remarks in which the governor said border tolls in Massachusetts are “obviously” not a “great idea.”

Sen. Harding and several Senate Republican lawmakers had on May 22 called on the governor to use his influence to help kill the border tolls idea.

“Republicans agree wholeheartedly with the governor: Border tolls are obviously not a great idea,” Sen. Harding said.  “However, Republicans would go further and say that border tolls are in fact a terrible idea which will kill jobs and tax Connecticut residents.  People do not want tolls.  They don’t want new taxes. They do not want increases in their cost of living.  We know the governor speaks frequently with his counterpart in Massachusetts, and we urge him to convey that simple and blunt message in their next conversation.”