Sen. Harding, Senate GOP Caucus Applaud Veto Pledge on “absurd”, Taxpayer-Funded, Striking Worker Slush Fund Bill

May 29, 2024

Sen. Republican Leader Stephen Harding today issued the following statement regarding the governor’s May 28 veto pledge on a Democrat-backed, taxpayer-subsidized, striking workers bill to create a slush fund for the State Comptroller.

“It’s still unbelievable: Democrats recently voted ’yes’ on one of the most absurd bills we have ever seen. It had no public hearing. It had no definitions. It created a ‘slush fund’ for the State Comptroller. It was all about trickery. That is insulting to Connecticut taxpayers. This brazen bill epitomized the 2024 legislative session and the arrogance of Democrats who control all the levers of power in Connecticut. It was more fiscal mismanagement and another attempt to go around the smart bipartisan fiscal guardrails. In one-party rule Connecticut, majority Democrats have put a bullseye on your wallets. All Senate Republicans voted ‘no’ on this bill. We thank the governor for the veto pledge. Question: Will his fellow Democrats get the message? Will they realize that they have gone too far to the extreme progressive left, or will they carry on, business as usual, after the November elections?”