CT Senate GOP Statement on Eversource Filing and Cost of CT Electricity

May 17, 2024

Senate Republican Leader Stephen Harding and Sen. Ryan Fazio, Ranking Senator on the Energy and Technology Committee issued the following statement with regard to Eversource filing a new Standard Service supply rate with Connecticut’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA).

“Earlier this month, Connecticut Senate Republicans sought to amend energy legislation to include a set of policy goals which aim to bring about long-term rate reduction, and long-term stability for consumers.

“Electricity costs in Connecticut are too damn high. One reason for that is that current government policies are inflating, rather than limiting, the cost of energy for individuals and families. We need to change the direction of our energy policies to stop future increases in electricity costs and eventually reduce them. Connecticut Republicans have a plan to reduce energy costs for every family in our state, and we’ll fight for it this year and for years to come.”

The Republicans’ amendment – which was voted down by majority Democrats – sought to do the following:

  1. limit all future Power Purchase Agreements so that no contract can be for more than 150% over the wholesale electric market price
  2. redefine Class I renewable energy sources to include all forms of hydropower and all nuclear power to lower the cost of renewable energy sources and bring relief for ratepayers
  3. separate the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and PURA
  4. study ways to increase natural gas supply in the New England region
  5. study moving public policy charges off of ratepayer bills and into the budget