CT GOP Senators’ Statement on I-84 Vernon Alleged Attempted Violent Carjacking

May 24, 2024

Sen. Republican Leader Stephen Harding, Sen. Paul Cicarella, Ranking Senator on the Public Safety and Security Committee, and Sen. Jeff Gordon, who represents Vernon, today issued the following statement regarding alleged would-be carjackers on I-84 in Vernon who were apprehended on May 23 thanks to witnesses, law enforcement and the victim fighting back.

“This alleged lawless violence on our Connecticut highways could have had a tragic outcome if it weren’t for Good Samaritans, state and local law enforcement, and a courageous victim. We applaud each of their efforts. At the same time, we must look at this example of lawlessness on our dangerous roadways when Democrats tell us Connecticut is a ‘safe’ state and that state policies don’t need to change. Republicans will continue to offer solutions which crack down on lawless individuals while empowering law enforcement at all levels.”

The Republican senators said past policies supported by Democrats have tied law enforcement’s hands and weakened the courts in holding criminals accountable.