CT GOP Senators: Gov. Recognizes Absurdity of Dems’ Brazen Comptroller Slush $$$ Bill

May 9, 2024

Sen. Republican Leader Stephen Harding, Sen. Rob Sampson and Sen. Eric Berthel today issued the following statement regarding the governor saying he does not support the bill passed by Democrats to create a slush fund for the State Comptroller.

“We appreciate that the governor took Senate Republicans’ advice and is preparing his veto pen. The governor recognizes the absolute absurdity of the brazen bill that all of his fellow Democrats voted for. To be clear: Legislative Democrats signed off on a bill that was cloaked in ambiguity and non-specifics. They signed off on a bill which had no public hearing, so they willingly silenced the voice of the people. They voted yes to create a slush fund for the State Comptroller. Democrats voted yes on a bill based on trickery which made a mockery of the legislative process. Equally as alarming: Democrats voted to endorse more fiscal mismanagement and another attempt to go around the smart, bipartisan fiscal guardrails.”

All Senate Republicans voted no on the bill.