(Watch) Sen. Harding: “Democrats’ taxes have driven up costs for consumers.”

April 12, 2024

(News 8)

Sen. Stephen Harding said he’d be open to more investigations of potential price gouging, but said the blame for the rising cost of living ultimately lies with Democrats.

“The Connecticut Democrats have implemented countless policies, countless taxes for a generation now that has driven up costs for consumers here in Connecticut,” Harding said.

Harding pointed specifically to measures like the Highway Use Fee, commonly called the “truck tax,” and proposals to further raise Connecticut’s minimum wage.

He argued that those Democratic policies create unnecessary costs for small businesses that are then passed on to consumers.

The Connecticut Food Association, the trade group which represents Connecticut grocers, also raised questions about the Democratic proposal.

The proposal presents a “slippery slope” that could “significantly increase administrative burdens and compliance costs for businesses across the entire food industry” according to Wayne Pesce, the association’s president.