Sen. Gordon Reminds CT’s Ratepayers: Rate Increases Symptom of Policy

April 11, 2024

State Sen. Jeff Gordon (R-Woodstock) today reminded Eversource ratepayers that the company’s proposed 19 percent rate increase is a result of state government policy that requires change. He cited existing power purchase agreements and Governor Lamont’s pandemic-era executive order for service termination moratoriums as the underlying cause for the latest drastic rate hike.


“I have been talking about the high cost of electricity and high cost of living as a senator for the last year, and joined Republicans to share policies for a better way to energy affordability. These proposals would reduce costs for ratepayers over the long term. Instead, we are going in the other direction.


“Our policy addressed the two underlying factors for this latest proposed hike: existing power purchase agreements, and the Governor’s moratorium on service terminations during the hardships of the pandemic. I was not in the legislature when these decisions were made. While I do support clean energy like nuclear, we must add more sources to our portfolio to mitigate cost. I also support assisting those who continue to face hardships, which was why I was vocal about properly funding our state’s LIHEAP program. We’re seeing the effects of policy that does not contemplate today’s reality. I encourage my colleagues across the aisle to consider significant change for people, families, and businesses in Connecticut,” said Sen. Gordon.


Sen. Gordon continues to stand with ratepayers and encourages the public to call for change in Connecticut’s energy policy.


The public may contact him at [email protected] with their input, or for further assistance.