(photo) Sen. Seminara to CT nonprofit groups: “You are unsung heroes.”

April 24, 2024
For Immediate Release

Sen. Seminara to CT nonprofit groups: “You are unsung heroes.”

Sen. Lisa Seminara, Ranking Senator on the Human Services Committee, on Apr. 24 joined with Democrat and Republican lawmakers and community advocates at a press conference on the front lawn of the State Capitol to rally for more state support for nonprofit organizations across Connecticut.
“We will not stop fighting for our nonprofits here at the State Capitol,” Sen. Seminara said. “You are unsung heroes.  You fill the gaps where government programs and private initiatives fall short.  You provide such vital, valuable and effective services for our most vulnerable residents, yet you have been underfunded for years.”
Sen. Seminara noted how nonprofits operate not for financial gain, but for the collective good, channeling resources and expertise towards addressing social issues. Last year, Sen. Seminara helped lead the bipartisan push for a long-overdue increase in funding for nonprofits, but the needs remain significant.
“Whether it’s providing shelter for the homeless, feeding the hungry, or advocating for environmental conservation, non-profits are a driving force for positive change,” Sen. Seminara said at the rally.  “We must not forget the challenges you face: limited resources, bureaucratic obstacles, and public misconception all very often hindering your efforts. Yet, despite these obstacles, you persevere. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do.”

Sen. Seminara said the state must go beyond gratitude and reaffirm its commitment to support nonprofits by:

  1. ensuring nonprofits have the resources they need in a fiscally responsible way, that is sustainable
  2. advocating for policy change that fosters nonprofits’ ability to fulfill their mission
  3. improving messaging to the public on the critical function nonprofits play for the residents of our state