CT GOP Senators: “What’s to deter future beach takeovers?”

April 17, 2024

Sen. Republican Leader Stephen Harding and Sen. Paul Cicarella (R-North Haven), ranking member of the Public Safety and Security Committee, today issued the following statement regarding the recent beach takeover in West Haven.

“We commend local law enforcement for their quick response and hope that the two injured West Haven officers make a swift recovery. But we must ask: Is this the ‘new normal’ in Connecticut? Lives disrupted. Resources sapped. Injuries. Shootings. Chaos. What we witnessed in West Haven as well as the countless other incidents we’ve seen in the news over the past year should give everyone pause. What’s to deter future beach takeovers as the weather gets warmer? We must make meaningful reforms to our laws to deter future beach takeovers as well as street takeovers and hold criminals accountable.”