CT GOP Senators: Viral Car Theft Video Highlights Lack of Consequences, Accountability

April 24, 2024

Sen. Republican Leader Stephen Harding and Sen. Paul Cicarella, Ranking Senator on the Public Safety and Security Committee, issued the following statement regarding a viral video that is putting a spotlight on the spike in car thefts in Connecticut.

“Watch the video. It shows how criminals have not a bit a fear of being held accountable for repeatedly stealing cars in Connecticut. There are no consequences. That’s Connecticut’s new reality under one-party Democrat rule: no accountability. Property destroyed. Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians put in danger. Police being prevented from doing their jobs. Lawlessness. Is it any wonder why car thefts have spiked 30 percent in Connecticut over the past year? Despite our repeated offers for solutions, specifically to curb juvenile crime, the Majority prefers to ignore the problem.”