Sens. Harding & Sampson: Dems not serious about preventing future Bridgeport fiascos

March 22, 2024

For Immediate Release

Senate Republican Leader Stephen Harding and Sen. Rob Sampson, Ranking Senator on the Labor and Public Employees Committee, issued the following statement with regard to leading Democrats on the Government Administration and Elections Committee holding a Mar. 22 press conference pushing to pass an amendment to the state Constitution regarding environmental rights:

“In a time when the world is focused on the embarrassing Bridgeport ballot-stuffing viral video, this is the focus of leading Democrats on Connecticut’s elections committee? What about election integrity measures which will prevent future voter fraud fiascos in Bridgeport? Where are they? Instead, we get posturing, lip service, and this unnecessary and burdensome proposal. It speaks volumes on their priorities. Under Democrat one-party rule, the voter fraud and ballot stuffing will continue. Impactful election integrity reforms which get to the root of the problem will not happen as long as Democrats are in power.”