Sen. Seminara, Rep. Dauphinais statement on DCF-STAR home policy changes

March 14, 2024

For Immediate Release:

Sen. Lisa Seminara and Rep. Anne Dauphinais, the Ranking Republican lawmakers on the Committee on Children, today issued the following statement:

“The immediate policy changes outlined by the Department of Children Families today reflect the seriousness of the STAR home problems spotlighted by the news media back in September. As Republican leaders on the Committee on Children, we have kept this issue at the forefront and have worked collaboratively with our fellow committee members. While we’re hopeful that staffing and programmatic shifts will produce safer environments and better outcomes for the at-risk children who need these beds, we, as legislators, must monitor implementation of these changes and continue the conversation about what level of oversight and accountability is needed as we analyze whether this path is working. We owe that to the children and the communities where these homes are located.”