Sen. Gordon, GOP Lawmakers: “The people of Connecticut do not want another mandate for electric vehicles.”

March 12, 2024

Urge public to speak out


(Watch the press conference video here.)


HARTFORD – Deputy Senate Republican Leader Jeff Gordon (R-Woodstock), Senate Republican Leader Stephen Harding, and House Republican Leader Vincent Candelora today warned Connecticut residents that Democrats have not given up on their electric vehicle mandate, explaining that pending legislation provides a “roadmap” for the majority party to launch a full-throttle pursuit of their ban on gas-powered vehicles after Election Day.


A public hearing will be held Wednesday, March 13 at 10 a.m. in Room 2E of the Legislative Office Building. Click here to submit testimony on House Bill 5485. Click here to register to speak.


The bill calls for the creation of an “Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Coordinating Council” that is tasked with creating a “Zero Emission Vehicle Roadmap”.


Sen. Gordon said, “Republicans and I are not the party of ‘no.’ We are the people who know that when you don’t include the public in decision-making and rush through a ‘roadmap’, you’re not going to arrive at a reasonable and realistic plan. We have been working on these issues, and trying to create policy that reflects what the people want and can afford.


“This bill leaves out key stakeholders like businesses, farmers, and small manufacturers. They are very concerned about this roadmap. There are commonsense, real-world items that are not specifically addressed by this roadmap. I’ve held multiple forums in my district and spoken extensively with hundreds of people. They were opposed to mandates and bans and still are.


“How will the electricity be distributed to the rural parts of the state, cities, and suburbs? How will the electric grid and charging infrastructure be built? Who is going to pay for all of this? People are already living in a high-cost state, and they cannot afford even higher electricity bills. It is an ‘inconvenient truth’ for the Democrats that we’re raising these real-world concerns. I am proud to advocate and speak up for the people because this bill can adversely affect their lives and livelihoods. This is not a minor issue. We must address the environment/climate issue the right way. That way would be finding an alternative that’s reasonable and realistic.”


Sen. Gordon noted that the roadmap does not require a review of the costs associated with:


  • charging infrastructure
  • electric grid upgrades
  • increased electric supply needed
  • end-of-life battery disposal
  • additional truck shipping costs
  • adverse impact on transportation infrastructure from increased weight of EVs
  • gas tax revenue replacement


Sen. Gordon and Republican lawmakers said while they support efforts to protect the environment and address climate concerns, the multiple question marks and contradictions surrounding the mandate’s achievability, affordability, and budgetary impact remain serious concerns.