Sen. Cicarella, GOP Leaders Discuss Legislation that Affects Law Enforcement Staffing and Public Safety

March 7, 2024

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State Sen. Paul Cicarella (R-North Haven), ranking member of the Public Safety and Security Committee, yesterday joined Senate and House Republicans to discuss legislation that negatively affects law enforcement staffing and public safety. Republicans gathered as the Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on two proposals they say will be detrimental to recruitment and retention of law enforcement professionals and public safety throughout Connecticut:


  • H.B. 5055: An Act Strengthening Police Data Reporting Requirements
  • H.B. 5324: An Act Establishing Secondary Traffic Violations


H.B. 5055 is in part a response to last year’s state police ticket scandal, which was largely debunked in January after a thorough independent investigation of CSP ticket reporting data.


H.B. 5324 adds more limitations on when officers may and may not conduct motor vehicle stops.


Sen. Cicarella said, “Nearly one year ago, many people including the media and elected leaders made premature conclusions on a state police traffic ticket data report, which was based on incomplete data. An independent, extensive investigation ensued, and the initial salacious allegations were instantly debunked. At this point, though, the damage was done to the reputation of our great Connecticut State Police.


“To add insult to injury, we’re now seeing a Governor’s bill that brings even more penalties to law enforcement. The Governor is creating a penalty for officers when there is not a need for one. Where is the response to the continued issue of crime that Connecticut residents are constantly talking about like car thefts, gun violence, and our unsafe roadways?


“Speaking of unsafe roadways, we’re also seeing a bill that decreases the number of traffic stops instead of increasing them. We all know that traffic stops are a proven way to get drugs and guns off our streets. Bills like this undermine public safety efforts and send the wrong message to criminals. As ranking member of the Public Safety and Security Committee, I am trying to address the daily concerns of the hundreds of constituents that I’ve talked to, and this is what they are telling me.


“Recruitment and retention are critical issues for our law enforcement, and I believe the Governor’s bill will make things more difficult. I urge the Governor’s office and the majority to listen to the concerns of our constituents and work towards effective solutions, as the policies of the past four years have not yielded the desired results, said Sen. Cicarella.

Background on H.B. 5055:


  • In 2018, Connecticut State Police conducted an internal investigation of four state troopers for fabricating traffic stop citations.
  • In 2022, the Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy (IMRP) began its audit of traffic stop data from 2014 to 2021, issuing its report in 2023.
  • IMRP’s findings alleged widespread misconduct among the CSP ranks to “skew racial profiling data.”
  • In response, Gov. Ned Lamont ordered an independent investigation, and the January 2024 results debunked the seven-month-long narrative of CSP systemic malfeasance.
  • In all, 74 of the 81 troopers alleged to have falsified tickets were cleared. An Internal Affairs investigation into the remaining seven troopers is pending
  • H.B. 5055, the Governor’s proposal, focuses on increasing penalties for police officers who falsify records, excluding other law enforcement professionals.