(Listen) Sen. Harding: CT Republicans are “promoting really positive things for the people of this state.”

March 15, 2024

Sen. Stephen Harding said job one for him in leading the 11 other GOP members of the Senate is to foster unity.

“We have 12 of us. And so, reaching out … on a continuous basis, hearing their concerns, making sure that their constituents’ issues are advanced, and promoted. And I think that that’s how [we’re] ultimately going to unify as a team,” Harding said.

One area where Harding said he is unified with many of his state GOP colleagues is in bypassing the more confrontational tone taken by Republican legislators in other states.

“A lot of what you hear on cable news and then what you see in Washington, D.C., I don’t think is necessarily seen as much in Hartford,” Harding said. “The country is not successful, from a governmental perspective, when we were divided. And so, anything that we can do to work together, to be respectful of each other’s ideas, is a positive thing.”

“I’m trying to utilize my youth and energy,” Harding said. “I think it’s important for our caucus to be energetic, because I ultimately believe we’re promoting really positive things for the people of our districts and the people of this state.”