CT GOP leaders: “We’ve proposed impactful, sustainable tax relief for families with children.”

March 6, 2024

For Immediate Release

Senate Republican Leader Stephen Harding and House Minority Leader Vincent Candelora issued the following statement on the proposal to create a permanent Connecticut child tax credit.

“Connecticut under one-party Democrat rule is unaffordable for poor, working and middle class families. As Republicans, we hear that message from people on Main Street every day. Families are struggling to make ends meet, and Democrat-supported mandates, taxes and fees have been punishing to these families.  Republicans have – and will continue to – push for significant tax relief for families with children and for everyone in Connecticut. This session, we’ve proposed impactful and sustainable relief for families with children through a $2,000 tax deduction per child as well as exempting kids’ clothes under $100 from the state’s sales tax. We hope Democrats join us in voting for these common sense ideas.”