Sens. Sampson & Kelly: CT Dems’ paid sick proposal is “out of touch” & will crush jobs

February 2, 2024

State Sen. Rob Sampson, Ranking Senator on the Labor and Public Employees Committee, and Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly issued the following statement with regard to Senate Democrats’ proposal to offer paid sick days to all private sector workers.


“This shows how out of touch the majority is. Burdening Connecticut job creators with unfunded mandates is a top priority for Senate Democrats?  Big government telling mom and pop shops what they must do and forcing them to comply is their priority?  Do they not realize 48.5% of tax filers in Connecticut earn less than $45,000? That is a shocking statistic.  This tone-deaf proposal will have a chilling effect on economic growth and crush jobs. The majority Democrats believe they know best, and they are more than willing to damage the freedom of private sector parties to be able to negotiate these terms themselves.”