CT Sens. Harding & Sampson on Bport results: “Do Dems think this is going away?”

February 28, 2024

For Immediate Release

Senate Republican Leader Stephen Harding and Sen. Rob Sampson, Ranking Senator on the Government Administration and Elections Committee, issued the following statement about the Bridgeport mayoral election.

“Do majority Connecticut Democrats think this embarrassing, national headline-grabbing, ballot-stuffing fiasco is going away? Because it isn’t. Election # 4 in Bridgeport is in the books, but what corruption reforms have been made? What future reforms will be made to strengthen Connecticut’s election integrity policies? We see absolutely none. Zero. And WHY is that? Democrats control everything at the State Capitol. All levers of power. If they wanted changes, those changes could happen immediately. Republicans have proposed a series of election integrity reforms. All of our solutions were voted down by Democrats. So, bottom line: Democrats like the status quo. It works for them. And Connecticut voters can expect more embarrassing national news-making, caught-on-tape ballot-stuffing elections until they throw out the Democrats in charge.”