100 & Fabulous: Celebrating Easton’s Arlene Wilson’s 100th Birthday

February 26, 2024

February 26, 2024

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100 & Fabulous: Celebrating Easton’s Arlene Wilson’s 100th Birthday

EASTON – 100 & Fabulous! Easton’s Arlene Wilson turns 100 years old. On Friday, February 23rd, she celebrated this milestone with friends from over 17 towns across Connecticut, and family visiting from different states, as far as South Carolina! Easton Senior Center’s dining room was packed with smiling faces, and gifts for the now 100-year-old Arlene. The amazing turnout at this birthday bash is a testament to her love and care for those around her.

Family and friends gathered to honor Arlene with stories of her kindness. One story was of how Arlene took care of, as a nanny, and supported a struggling mother and then 1-year-old daughter. As the daughter got older, she reconnected with Arlene and from hearing stories immediately recognized the character and deeply considerate person she was and is.

“I think the turnout in this room is a tribute to you and the impact that you’ve had on everyone’s lives,” state Senator Tony Hwang reflected. “As I was setting up, I couldn’t help but notice that the Wilson family’s table kept getting longer and longer. What an incredible blessing, to have a multi-generational family to spend time with and treasure every single moment we live.”

“Today I wanted to wish Arlene a happy birthday, it is quite an accomplishment. I’ve been the selectman for four years, and I think this is the sixth 100th Birthday Party in Easton during that time. I don’t know what’s in the water, but it’s nothing short of remarkable,” stated Easton First Selectman David Bindleglass. “Whatever it is, we’re going to keep drinking it,” Wilson cracked back with a smile.

Val Buckley, the energetic Director of the Easton Senior Center, reminisced on the importance of strong women, to look up to and remember their stories as she held up a photo of her aunt. “Arlene is a caring, loving woman, who has become an important part of our lives here at the Senior Center. Everyone in this room should take a photo of our friend Arlene, and keep it with them in their wallet, as a reminder to share her warmth and kindness.”

Sen. Hwang closed his remarks by acknowledging the Easton Senior Center: “I think it is really special for us to be able to celebrate a friend and someone who has been an integral part of the Senior Center. I wanted to take a moment to recognize Val Buckley and the staff, as well as all of you, who were able to make this day possible.”

“I am so overjoyed with all of you being here, it brings a tear to my eye to see my years being celebrated with all of you in this room” shared Arlene. Happy Birthday, and here’s to celebrating next year!