Sen. Sampson Reacts to ‘Tone Deaf’ Majority’s Continued Push for Unpopular Gas-Powered Vehicle Ban

January 19, 2024

State Sen. Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott) today reacted to legislative Democrats’ continued push for a special session at the end of January to enact a previously proposed regulation that bans the sale of new gas-powered vehicles in Connecticut. Last November, the legislature’s Regulation Review Committee withdrew the proposal amidst bipartisan opposition. The 2024 regular session begins a week after the proposed special session on Feb. 7.


“Are the governor and legislative Democrats tone deaf? Holding a special session at this stage of the game is a tactic that reveals their true intention, and that is to surreptitiously bypass the legislative process and thus the voice of Connecticut’s residents. Majority Democrats know that this is a bad policy that is widely unpopular among most residents. Hurrying along a ban on gas-powered vehicles in an emergency session is nothing more than political posturing. I will continue to call on my colleagues in both parties to respect the will of the people that they represent,” he said.