(photo) Sen. Seminara supports “A Better Way to a Cleaner & Greener CT”

January 31, 2024

For Immediate Release

Sen. Seminara supports

“A Better Way to a Cleaner and Greener Connecticut”

Sen. Lisa Seminara today announced support for a set of policy proposals which, if adopted, will make Connecticut’s air cleaner without having to follow California’s extreme ban on the sale of gas-powered vehicles.

Sen. Seminara said, “These reasonable, achievable and affordable policy solutions, which we call “A Better Way to a Cleaner and Greener Connecticut”, seek to protect and preserve our environment and our air quality.  We all want cleaner air for Connecticut residents and a more sustainable green future. I support clean air policies and the ability for people to own electric vehicles, should they choose.  We can accomplish these goals without burdensome mandates which restrict consumer choice and without hurting working and middle-class families. I continue to firmly believe these debates should includenot exclude – the voices of we, the people.  We hope these thoughtful, common sense ideas gain bipartisan support.”

The plan can be viewed here.