Sen. Kelly on Jan. 1 CT tax relief: “More can – and must – be done.”

December 20, 2023

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly today issued the following statement regarding the tax cuts going into effect on Jan. 1:

“Senate Republicans have always been focused on providing tax relief for struggling working and middle class families. That’s why we proposed $1.5 billion in tax cuts – the largest income and property tax cut in Connecticut’s history – this spring. Unfortunately, our proposal to help these families did not gain favor with the majority. While $600 million in tax cuts is a good start, we must not forget those in need especially at this time of the year. Too many of our neighbors cannot afford the basics: heat, health care, groceries and medical costs.  People are deciding every day whether to heat their homes or put on food on the table. They are struggling with the high cost of inflation, especially at the grocery store. More can – and must – be done to provide these families with the relief they need.”