Sen. Cicarella: CT street takeovers point to need for more reforms

December 11, 2023

For Immediate Release

Sen. Paul Cicarella (R-North Haven), the Ranking Senator of the Public Safety and Security Committee, today issued the following statement about the more than 1,500 vehicles that took over a North Haven street on Saturday, shutting down Universal Drive, trapping shoppers in parking lots and backing up Interstate 91 for more than a mile.

“What happened in North Haven is unacceptable, and it’s happening everywhere.  We saw it also happen in Milford, Shelton, Orange and Derby this past weekend. Those who participate in these illegal acts know that the police can’t do anything. More reforms are needed to deter street takeovers. There needs to be consequences.  I will continue to lead bipartisan discussions at the State Capitol to make Connecticut a safer, more accountable state. We need majority Democrats to join us in these discussions if we want to make progress.”

This year, Sen. Cicarella supported a new law establishing a Greater Hartford Regional Law Enforcement Task Force to combat illegal roadway traffic activity.  The panel includes state troopers and local police who have battled against the large gatherings.