Senator Somers Urges Transparency and Accountability in Quinnipiac University’s Physician Assistant Program

November 2, 2023


Senator Heather Somers (R-Groton) has recently written a letter to the President of Quinnipiac University, Dr. Judy Olian, seeking specific reasons for the recent accreditation-probation status of the University’s physician assistant program by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, Inc. (ARC-PA). In her letter, Senator Somers emphasizes the importance of transparency and accountability in educational institutions, especially when it comes to programs that directly impact the healthcare industry.


“It is crucial that we ensure our physician assistants are adequately educated and have completed high-quality programs,” Senator Somers stated. “The current demand for physician assistants underscores the need for comprehensive, accredited programs that produce highly educated and skilled healthcare professionals.”


Senator Somers recognizes that the accreditation-probation status of Quinnipiac University’s physician assistant program raises concerns among prospective students, current enrollees, and the healthcare community as a whole. The purpose of this request is to seek specific information to assist the university and encourage them to take the necessary steps to address any deficiencies.