Sen. Seminara: Bipartisan CT election security reforms are needed

November 3, 2023

For Immediate Release

Sen. Seminara: Judge’s ruling highlights need to make bipartisan CT election security reforms

Sen. Lisa Seminara issued the following statement regarding a Connecticut Superior Court Judge’s Nov. 1 ruling overturning Bridgeport’s Democratic primary election and describing video evidence of election fraud as “shocking”.

“The judge determined that what happened in Bridgeport was ‘shocking’ and ‘blatant’ ballot harvesting. He noted the extensive video footage of people stuffing the drop boxes with ballots and flouting state law. Connecticut’s Secretary of the State says this should be of great concern to everyone. It certainly is quite concerning for me as a policymaker, and I know my constituents feel the same way. With this court decision in mind, we as state lawmakers must view this as a call to action. We must conduct a thorough review of our absentee ballot and voter registration laws. How can they be updated and strengthened to deter and prevent fraud? We have an opportunity to make common sense bipartisan election security policy reforms. Unfortunately, we missed an opportunity in the legislature’s September special session to do exactly that. Clearly, reforms must be made to fix what is broken in our election system. I intend to help lead that bipartisan collaborative discussion.”