Sen. Gordon Cites Access to Care & Local Jobs in Strongly Advising the State to Approve Sale of ECHN Hospitals

November 2, 2023

State Sen. Jeff Gordon (R-Woodstock), member of the Public Health Committee and practicing physician, today strongly advised the state’s Office of Health Strategy to finish the approval review of the sale of Eastern Connecticut Health Network (ECHN) hospitals to Yale New Haven Health more than a year after a purchase agreement was announced.


“This delay will directly and adversely impact patient care at Rockville Hospital in Vernon and for the local communities. Given the challenges experienced by the hospital systems during Prospect’s ownership, the effects of the pandemic, and then the problems during a cyber-attack, Rockville General Hospital and ECHN hospitals are feeling undue and worsening financial strain. How much longer can the hospitals survive? Not much longer before having to shut medical services and close the doors at Rockville Hospital.


“We have been in a holding pattern for more than a year, so why is it taking so long? As a state senator, I understand the regulatory considerations in play, but I also understand that bureaucratic red tape and slow action can be harmful. As a physician, I understand that this unusually long delay for the state to reach a decision will hurt people who need local medical care. If Rockville Hospital closes, then where will people go when they are sick? If Rockville Hospital closes, then how many of the hundreds of local jobs will be lost and what would be the impact to people’s lives and to the economy? Enough is enough!


“We need action from the Office of Health Strategy. I have offered multiple times to meet with the Governor, as have local officials, to examine the potential sticking points of this agreement and to cut through unnecessary red tape. Why haven’t they responded to my requests and the requests of others? Let’s get this done. I urge either the approval of the hospital sale or a meeting with me and other local stakeholders to hear our concerns and to explain why things cannot get done,” said Sen. Gordon.