(photo) Sen. Seminara: “Pumping the brakes was a prudent step.”

November 28, 2023

For Immediate Release

State Sen. Lisa Seminara today issued the following statement regarding the governor’s Nov. 27 withdrawal of proposed regulations mandating all new vehicles sold in Connecticut to be electric:

“Pumping the brakes on these regulations was a prudent step on the governor’s part. We all support measures to make our air cleaner and reduce greenhouse emissions. These mandates, however, restricted people’s freedom of choice. There are numerous unanswered questions about how it would be implemented. There are also too many unanswered questions regarding the capacity of our electric grid, the cost and location of grid improvements, and the negative impact on urban, rural and working poor families.

The people’s elected representatives are the ones who should be making this decision. Something so life-changing – something that will take our choice away – needs to be decided by the full state legislature. It should be the people’s choice. I thank Democrats, Republicans and the governor for recognizing this.

I support electric vehicles and efforts to make our air cleaner, but the lack of a detailed plan was an excellent reason to hit the pause button.  I also support a set of detailed policy solutions which represent a better way to cleaner air.  Our plan can be viewed at www.CTSenateRepublicans.com .”