CT Senate GOP on Regs Panel: “Common sense has prevailed.”

November 28, 2023

For Immediate Release

Sens. Kelly, Kissel, Cicarella Applaud Withdrawal
of Proposed Regs Banning Gas-Powered Vehicle Sales

Senate Republicans on the legislature’s Regulation Review Committee today issued the following statement regarding the Governor’s withdrawal of proposed regulations requiring all new vehicles sold in Connecticut to be electric.

“Common sense has prevailed,” said Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford). “The Governor’s decision to withdraw the regulations is a reasoned approach to address the growing concerns raised by working and middle class families.  Adopting California emission standards which ban the sale of gas-powered cars is a substantial policy shift which must be decided by the General Assembly.  There are too many questions regarding the capacity of our electric grid, the cost and location of grid improvements, and the negative impact on urban, rural and working poor families.  More than 90% of our pollution comes from outside the control of Connecticut. We need a national – and international – approach to improve our air quality.  A state-by-state strategy will only prolong the attainment of cleaner air.”

“This is a prudent step,” said Sen. John A. Kissel (R-Enfield), the panel’s Co-Chair.  “The people’s elected representatives are the ones who should be making this decision. Something so life-changing – something that will take our choice away – needs to be decided by the full state legislature. Ask anyone on a Main Street anywhere in Connecticut those questions. They will tell you that they – the people – should get to decide. It should be the people’s choice. The people of Connecticut deserve credit for speaking out. I thank my colleagues on the committee – and the governor – for withdrawing these regulations.”

“Republicans want to reduce our greenhouse emissions,” said Sen. Paul Cicarella (R-North Haven). “We want to improve our air quality and environment. It’s just that under the proposal before the committee, there was no plan to implement it.  Some Democrats on our panel realized this as well, and we recognize and applaud them.”

Senate Republicans have offered a set of achievable, reasonable policy solutions to make our air cleaner without mandates.

The “Better Way to Cleaner Air and Transportation” plan can be found at:  www.CTSenateRepublicans.com .