Sen. Seminara: “There’s a consistent problem” at Harwinton DCF home

October 12, 2023

(From CT Examiner)

Sen. Lisa Seminara, R-Avon, asked whether the incidents that happened in 2021 and early 2022 had led the department to reconsider renewing its contract with the Bridge Family Center.

“We had a number of instances here of sexual nature, both between resident and resident and staff and resident, and … the staff were removed … but it seems like they were removed and then new staff came in, and this still occurred,” Seminara said. “I guess it questions how I feel — and it should question how anybody would feel — the confidence in this STAR home … in providing care because there’s a consistent problem that happened.”

Dorantes said every incident was investigated, and that the organization had taken corrective actions, such as removing the staff members involved. She also said the recent spike in incidents wasn’t surprising, given the upheaval that teens experienced during the pandemic.


Harwinton Teen Shelter Incidents Prompt Legislative Response