Sen. Kissel Appointed to Domestic Violence Prevention Panel

October 4, 2023


Sen. John A. Kissel, Ranking Senator on the Judiciary Committee, has been appointed to the Domestic Violence Criminal Justice Response and Enhancement Advisory Council by Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly.


The panel is tasked with examining several key aspects of the state’s domestic violence policies, including guidelines for the timely execution of arrest warrants, more electronic monitoring for abusers and what programs are offered to offenders.


“As policymakers, we must be continually asking what can be done to keep victims safe and offenders accountable,” said Sen. Kissel. “Can we close loopholes in our laws? Which laws need revisions and updating? I thank Sen. Kelly for this opportunity to continue strengthening our domestic violence prevention laws in order to better protect victims and avoid tragedies.”


This year, Sen. Kissel co-sponsored a new domestic violence prevention law to prevent assailants from collecting alimony. The legislation prohibits courts from ordering an injured person to pay either temporary or permanent alimony to a spouse convicted of certain violent crimes.


Anyone who needs help with domestic violence can visit or call or text 888-774-2900. Advocates are available 24/7. On the web: