Sen. Gordon Recognized as Perfect Advocate for CT’s Business Community

October 31, 2023

Recognized for 100 percent pro-business voting record by CBIA in 2023 Legislative Voting Records Report


State Sen. Jeff Gordon (R-Woodstock) is proud to have been recognized by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) for a 100 percent pro-business, pro-jobs voting record on key bills that it identified as critical to the state’s business community and overall economic growth.


CBIA identified 10 measures introduced during the 2023 legislative session that make up the framework for a legislator’s voting record based on the potential impact—positive or negative—on job growth and the state’s post-pandemic recovery.


Legislators were scored on these measures based on their opposition or support for the business community’s positions.


“Businesses of all sizes continue to bear the burdens from the pandemic and the staggering inflation that followed. Many continue to struggle. We must do our best to provide a business climate that fosters growth and job creation. Supporting businesses of all sizes, across all sectors, is the way to getting everyone back to work with good-paying jobs to support their families. This is how to build a sustainable and thriving economy for the state. This is what I am fighting to do for the many small businesses in each community of the 35th District and throughout Connecticut,” said Sen. Gordon.


The complete CBIA scorecard for all members of the State Senate can be viewed here:


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