Harwinton lawmakers congratulate local farm on state $$ award

October 16, 2023

For Immediate Release

Harwinton lawmakers congratulate local farm
on state $$ award to help recover from summer flooding

HARWINTON – State lawmakers congratulated Koewing Manor Farm on receiving Farmland Restoration Flood Response Grant Program funding from the Connecticut Department of Agriculture to help recover from excessive rainfall in July.

The awards provide matching funds to farmers, nonprofits, and municipalities who were impacted by the flooding and will support bringing these lands back into agricultural production.

“Necessary repairs and replacements will be made by Koewing Manor Farm with the allocation of this grant,” Rep. John Piscopo said.  “When flooding occurred earlier in the year, many farms experienced unprecedented levels of damage. I applaud the department’s response in helping our community.”

“We must do all we can to support our farms in Harwinton and throughout Connecticut,” Sen. Henri Martin said.  “Our farms help drive our economy and provide quality local products.  We congratulate Koewing Manor Farm on this funding award.”

“The July flooding created significant challenges for Connecticut farmers,” Sen. Lisa Seminara said. “This funding will enable Koewing Manor Farm to make necessary remediation steps and continue their important work.”