(Watch) Thieves, Robbers… and 12-Year Old Cycling Champs!

September 19, 2023

This month’s edition of “Senator Kissel & Friends” offers history and inspiration, all from local residents who are making a positive difference in our north-central Connecticut communities. Watch it here.

First, we visit with Enfield Society for the Detection of Thieves and Robbers President Dr. Paul Salva and Historian Peter Sorenson. Originally created to protect farmers from horse thieves and other criminals prior to the formation of the Enfield Police Department, the Society has persevered through two centuries and is the oldest civic group in town. The club continues to meet annually to honor its heritage and will be holding a banquet on Tuesday, Sep. 26 at the Elks Lodge, 138 North Maple St., Enfield. For tickets, call 860-882-2813 or 860-966-6335.


We then talk to nationally acclaimed cyclists from East Granby Abby and Lily Cole, along with their mom Kim.  The 12-year-old identical twins are top national age-group cyclists in all three disciplines – road, mountain and cyclocross. Abby and Lily talk about how you can accomplish just about anything by simply trying your best, staying focused and working hard. Inspiring! Follow them on Instagram at @mtbtwins and at Competitive Edge Racing.


Do you have ideas for future guests on “Senator Kissel & Friends”? Contact me. In the meantime, enjoy the show!