Connecticut lawmakers OK election monitor for Bridgeport after mayor race tainted by possible fraud | AP Newswire

September 27, 2023

As published by the Associated Press:


Connecticut lawmakers voted Tuesday to approve $150,000 in funding for a special election monitor for Bridgeport, as the state’s largest city is enveloped in controversy after surveillance cameras recorded a woman stuffing pieces of paper into an absentee ballot drop box a week before the mayoral primary.


Under the new legislation, the monitor will conduct inspections and investigations for the 2023 municipal election and the 2024 state election in Bridgeport. The possible electoral fraud incident is already the subject of a state elections investigation and a civil lawsuit filed by the candidate who lost the primary.


The measure overwhelmingly cleared the House of Representatives and Senate during a special legislative session. Republicans in the Democratic-controlled General Assembly insisted Connecticut must take more steps to tighten its electoral laws and ensure confidence in elections across the state.


“It’s necessary to show the people of Connecticut that we’re not going to tolerate people undermining our election process,” said state Sen. Rob Sampson, a Republican from Wolcott. He said the video confirmed his fears about how absentee ballots can be misused. Sampson, as well as Republicans in the state House, unsuccessfully tried to amend the election monitor bill to get rid of drop boxes from outside all 169 city and town halls.


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