Sen. Kelly on Bridgeport ballot controversy: “We must fix what is broken immediately.”

September 18, 2023

For Immediate Release

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly issued the following statement regarding the Bridgeport Police Department’s probe of ‘possible misconduct’ after a video shows a person putting items in a ballot box.

“This shocking video must not be ignored by Connecticut Democrats.  Republicans warned of this abuse for years, only to be dismissed. But today we have proof, and as Warner Wolf would say, ‘Let’s go to the videotape.’

This video erodes voter confidence and increases the feeling that ‘my vote doesn’t really count’, which is a threat to our democracy.  I described in detail how Connecticut Republicans sought to prevent voter suppression this year, but majority Democrats declined. Now it seems clear: the votes on the machines are meaningless when a cascade of potentially fraudulent absentee ballots overcome the will of the people. I noted that Republicans will continue to put forth solutions which seek to create voting equity, because voters in Connecticut’s most vulnerable communities must be heard, not ignored. A common theme in one-party rule Connecticut is that our fiscally challenged communities and individuals are getting harmed the most by these preventable episodes.  Republicans are speaking out for these communities.  We see what is happening and we hear the concerns of the People. As Bridgeport police investigate, we as state officials must also conduct a review of our absentee ballot and voter registration laws. We must restore confidence and integrity in our election process.  That’s why we call on the majority and the governor to join us.  We must act to fix what is broken immediately, and we have a special session next week to do it before November’s election.”