August 8, 2023

State Sen. Paul Cicarella (R-North Haven), ranking member of the Public Safety and Security Committee, today reacted to reports of separate shootings in Hartford this past weekend that left three people dead and one person injured.


He said, “We must start considering the families that live in our cities because they are paying the biggest price from violence and failed policy. This is not a partisan issue. It is a community safety issue. We must act now. I agree with Mayor Bronin that this individual should not have been on the street, given the number of pending cases involving firearms. Instead of just listening to national gun control advocates, we must start paying attention to those who live in our communities and witness this gun violence on a weekly if not daily basis.


“If incidents like what we saw in Hartford over the weekend happened in front of a school or government building, Democrats would continue their call for more gun control. However, because it happened in a major city, legislative Democrats consider it to be a part of city life. However, the families of these countless murder victims do not consider this to be an acceptable part of life. They want change and leadership must act immediately.


“Legislative Democrats continue to pass ‘gun violence’ bills yet they have little to no effect on the escalating gun violence in our community. I’m continuing the same call that I made in 2021 for the majority to join us to advance meaningful initiatives that actually reduce gun violence.”