Sen. Cicarella Expresses Support for CT’s Corrections Officers & Staff

August 29, 2023

State Sen. Paul Cicarella (R-North Haven), ranking member of the Public Safety and Security Committee, expressed his commitment to supporting the corrections officers and staff of the Connecticut Department of Correction following a meeting with Commissioner Angel Quiros and members of his leadership team to discuss the recent uptick in violence against corrections officers and staff in the state’s prisons.


Senator Cicarella said, “Four corrections officers have been assaulted in the last three weeks and this is an issue that must be addressed immediately. As a former corrections officer I am committed to finding resolutions that will keep both staff and inmates safe. I thank Commissioner Quiros and his staff for their time.


“Specifically, my goal is to work collaboratively to ensure safety within the confines of our correctional facilities whether through administrative actions, legislative actions or funding for technological upgrades.


“I also am optimistic to work on workforce development strategies that provide opportunities to the many inmates that simply seek to fulfill their sentence and successfully re-integrate into society.”