With Hurricane Season Underway, Sen. Hwang Moderates Coastal Resiliency Discussion With Environmental, Sustainability and Emergency Management Experts

June 29, 2023

View CT Audubon presentation here.

View Town of Fairfield’s presentation here.

View UConn CIRCA presentation here.

FAIRFIELD – With hurricane season underway, Sen. Tony Hwang on June 22 moderated a panel of experts at McKinley Elementary School to review the impact of climate change on storm severity and frequency, emergency safety protocols and preparations, and environmental sustainability efforts to make Connecticut’s coastline more resilient.
“Severe and destructive storms are happening more and more frequently,” Sen. Hwang said.  “In light of that, it makes sense to have these detailed discussions about the impact of rising sea levels on personal and public property. This forum examined the issue from a public safety and economic perspective as well as an emergency management and science-based lens. We talked about best practices for protecting loved ones and pets in an emergency situation.  This multi-pronged discussion focused on how to be prepared and how to minimize future damage to our environment and our communities.”
  • efforts to restore estuaries and sea grasses and how to procure coastal resiliency and remediation federal and state grants
  • the deterioration of the Ash Creek Tidal Estuary due to rising sea levels, dredging and development
  • coordination and collaboration of resiliency efforts between Bridgeport and Fairfield
  • the potential replacement of water management gates
“I thank the expert panelists for sharing their insights, knowledge and data,” Sen. Hwang said. “We simply want to help keep people safe and to further advance our efforts to protect our beautiful coastline.  This is an ongoing discussion which I am fortunate to help moderate.  I appreciate the community for attending this forum, and we will continue to convene these gatherings to spread the word about preparation, funding, and preservation.”
  • Sen. Hwang is a ranking member of the Insurance and Real Estate Committee. He represents Bethel, Fairfield, Easton, Newtown and Sandy Hook. On the web: SenatorHwang.com