(Watch) Sen. Somers backs new health care affordability legislation

June 27, 2023

The bill creates a drug discount card program that’s available to all Connecticut residents.

“That makes you eligible for the lowest cost drug that is available here in the state of Connecticut,” said State Sen. Heather Somers, ranking member of the Public Health Committee.

The state will be able to join others in buying prescription drugs in bulk to help ensure those lower costs.

The bill will also create a study into the relationship between pharmacy benefit managers and the costs of prescription drugs.

Also, if a drug has increased at a rate of over 16%, the state will now be looking into why that occurred.

“Does it have to do with the flow of goods, the supply chain, or what are the factors that are requiring such a vast increase in the cost?” Somers said.

The bill also looks to make it more affordable for people, when they need a medical procedure by reducing facility fees that hospitals often charge.