(PHOTO) Sen. Seminara Applauds Signing of Legislation to Expand Autism and Disability Services

June 30, 2023
June 29, 2023
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Sen. Seminara Applauds Signing of Legislation
to Expand Autism and Disability Services

HARTFORD, CT- Today, Senator Lisa Seminara (Avon-R), who serves as Ranking Member of the Human Services Committee, applauded the signing into law of legislation she co-sponsored which provides for improved and expanded services for Connecticut residents with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), H.B. 5001.
“This new law moves us forward as a state in addressing a population that has in many ways been left behind,” Sen. Seminara said.  “It had unanimous support in the state legislature, and provides a multi-pronged approach to addressing the needs of our most vulnerable residents and their families.”
The new law:
seeks to alleviate wait lists for the Medicaid waiver program, which prevent people from receiving timely access to care.
requires state government agencies to make recommendations for how to reduce the number of people on waiting lists and to report the number of people currently waiting for services regularly.
•provides transitional planning resources for students requiring special education starting at age 14 to help families understand what services are available to them once the child leaves school.
•tasks state government agencies to study and create plans regarding the I/DD community’s needs within housing, education, employment, and transportation.
“While there is more work to do, I was proud to co-sponsor this legislation,” Sen. Seminara said.  “This law focuses on a pressing need that has been ignored for far too long, and it will help many individuals and families to receive much-need and vital services. It’s an excellent bipartisan start.”