Video | Sen. Sampson Pushes Democrats to Answer Why S.B. 21 is Necessary. Dems Come Up Short. (5/4/2023)

May 4, 2023

Senator Sampson attempts to unpack the Democrat underpinnings for S.B. 21, a measure that further inserts government into the private employment agreement between an employer and employee during a Senate debate. The measure prohibits all employers from requiring employees to sign an agreement that requires the employee to repay the employer if the employee does not stay at the job for a certain duration, including when the repayment is reimbursement for training.

Current law prohibits this for employers that have at least 26 employees and the bill expands this to cover all employers, regardless of their size. After thorough debate, Senator Sampson reveals the false premise of the bill, which is to protect employees.

He goes on to highlight how the policy prohibits employees and employers from entering into creative, private, and mutually beneficial business arrangements.

Read the bill here.