Sen. Sampson Slams Senate Passage of Measures Eroding Public Safety

May 9, 2023

State Sen. Rob Sampson (R-16), member of the legislature’s Judiciary Committee, today slammed a series of legislative measures approved during today’s Senate session.


The measures, which originated in the Judiciary Committee, include legislation to expand parole eligibility for offenders convicted of heinous crimes (S.B. 952), remove certain sex offenders from the state registry (S.B. 1194), and further limit law enforcement’s ability to conduct a traffic stop in the interest of safety (S.B. 1195).


Senator Sampson said, “Today, legislative Democrats further eroded the rule of law in another affront to public safety. After voting down reasonable Republican amendments, they once again prioritized offenders and not victims. Why would any reasonable person expand parole eligibility for violent offenders under the age of 25? Or why would a reasonable person want to prevent the public from knowing if there is a sex offender with multiple offenses in their community?


“More, despite a documented spike in motor vehicle accidents on Connecticut’s roadways, why would a person wish to prohibit police from stopping a car that cannot be seen by other motorists? I hope that everyone pays close attention to what is happening across the state. What’s happening in our neighborhoods and on our roadways is no accident. Those that support policies that erode our public safety must be held accountable.”