Sen. Sampson, Senate Republicans Propose ‘Largest Income & Property Tax Cut in CT’s History’

May 11, 2023

Historic ‘$1.5 Billion Back’ Tax Cut for Working and Middle Class Families


Proposal Cuts Income Tax Retroactively, Nearly Doubles Access to Property Tax Relief,

Adheres to Fiscal Guardrails




State Sen. Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott) joined Senate Republican colleagues yesterday as they released a two-year, $50.4 billion balanced budget that provides an historic $1.5 billion in broad-based tax relief and protects services for vulnerable residents while abiding by the state’s bipartisan fiscal guardrails.


“Our Senate Republican budget has the people of Connecticut in mind and is a step in the right direction. Families across our district have seen the government reap the benefits of their hard-earned tax dollars, while being crushed by inflation. This budget is our best attempt to make taxpayers whole.


“However, there’s always more that can be done as our state government has grown and become more invasive on our everyday lives over the past 10 years. Until conservative Republicans can reach a majority to fully implement our values, I will continue the fight,” said Senator Sampson.


Summary of Senate Republican Budget 


Tax Relief for Connecticut Residents:

  • Total tax relief: $1.52 billion
  • Per household, a savings over the biennium of $1,090
  • A $325 million retroactive reduction in the state income tax middle-class income tax cut with additional relief for seniors
  • A $2,000 per child tax deduction
  • Nearly double access to the $300 property tax credit
  • Exempt children’s clothing under $100 from sales tax
  • Double the Farm Machinery Tax Exemption
  • Eliminate the Highway Use Tax


Examples of relief:

  • A single mom with two children making $80,000 saves $775 each year ($135 from property, $180 from child exemption $460 from income)
  • A family of four making $125,000 saves $1,045 ($225 from property, $220 from child exemption, $600 from income)
  • Single with no dependents earning $40,000 saves $250 ($250 from income)
  • Single parent with one child making $30,000 saves $515 ($205 from EITC, $90 from child exemption, $220 from income)
  • A couple making $70,000 with an additional $30,000 in pension income saves $2,085 ($1,500 from retirement, $135 from property, $450 from income)



  • The Senate Republican plan proposes appropriations of $24.9 billion for the 2024 fiscal year and $25.4 billion for the 2025 fiscal year.
  • The spending plan is more than $130 million less than what Governor Lamont proposed and $460 million less than what the Appropriations Committee passed.
  • It continues the full phase-in of local education funding by 2028 (that’s an additional $48 million in year one and $96 million in year two).
  • Fully-funds aid to cities and towns for special education excess costs.
  • Invests an additional $100 million in non-profit health and human services providers – an increase of 2.5%.
  • Creates a reinsurance program that will reduce household healthcare costs up to $7,000 per year.
  • Begins to move public policy charges off energy bills and onto the state budget for increased transparency.
  • It cuts:
    • $109 million more than the governor in savings for accurately budgeting for vacancies
    • $53.7 million based on expenditure trends
    • $25.4 million by eliminating inflation adjustments for state agencies
    • $29.7 million for position reductions
    • $11.7 million for limiting position additions


Pension deposit: The Senate Republican budget uses $250 million in the FY 23 surplus to support tax relief, allowing for an additional pension deposit of more than $2 billion.