Sen. Kissel, CT lawmakers pass domestic violence protections

May 17, 2023

CT lawmakers pass domestic violence protections including GPS monitoring, alimony exemption

CT Post

Certain domestic violence crimes would prevent assailants from collecting alimony under legislation that was approved in the Senate and now awaits action in the House.

Another investigative series, published in late 2021, details how survivors often receive little support after protective or restraining orders are issued, along with highlighting the frequency of violations of these orders.

Currently, a successful 3-year-old GPS monitoring program is being run the Superior Court jurisdictions of Fairfield, Hartford and Danielson/Killingly. If the bill wins approval in the House and signed into law by the governor, the program would expand statewide by October 1, 2025.

The legislation would prohibit courts from ordering an injured person to pay either temporary or permanent alimony to a spouse convicted of certain violent crimes.

“Also, the notion that someone can either threaten or be violent against another individual and actually be punished therewith and then be the recipient of some kind of court order regarding alimony or payments, that just seems like an injustice, and what this bill does is get to the root of that and says no that will not take place here in Connecticut,” said Sen. John Kissel, R-Enfield. “If you drill down deep that would victimize that individual twice.”