Sen. Cicarella Applauds House Passage of High School Financial Literacy Measure

May 30, 2023

Today, Deputy Republican Leader Paul Cicarella (R-North Haven) applauded the House of Representatives’ adoption of  S.B. 1165, which is a measure that promotes financial literacy for the state’s public high school students. The measure also cleared the Senate in early May.


Senator Cicarella and State Sen. Henri Martin (R-Bristol) introduced the original concept of the bill (Proposed S.B. 18) that requires high school students to complete a one-half credit course in personal financial management and financial literacy for graduation. The policy is part of the Senate Republican lawmakers’ comprehensive ‘A Better Way to a Prosperous Connecticut’ series of legislative workforce measures to put young people on a path to a well-paying career to support themselves and their families.


Senator Cicarella said, “After many meetings with stakeholders and colleagues over the past year, we’re seeing the positive results of collaboration and hard work. This cooperation led to this next step in advancing our workforce development agenda. This is an agenda to help our future generation to make educated decisions on the next steps in their life.


“I always say that understanding the value of a dollar is a building block of workforce development. I spent time with students, teachers, administrators and career counselors over the past year and I was surprised to learn how young people do not consider the cost of everyday expenses. Understanding how far a dollar will go, and how to avoid the pitfall of debt, can change a person’s life through responsible spending habits. I hope that the lives of many young people are changed for the better through these programs. Thank you to my colleagues in the House for advancing this important piece of legislation for Connecticut’s future workforce.”


The legislation now awaits Gov. Ned Lamont’s signature to become law.