FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly Praises Passage of Legislation Providing Access to Safe and Affordable Housing

May 25, 2023

May 25, 2023

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Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly Praises Passage of Legislation
Providing Access to Safe and Affordable Housing

HARTFORD, CT – Connecticut Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) applauds the passage of Senate Bill 996, which improves access to safe and affordable housing in the state. The legislation establishes a resident quality of life improvement grant program, a housing choice voucher task force and requires the disclosure of certain natural person ownership interests in real property.

The proposed bill advances ideas heard during community conversations across the state in 2021. The legislation derived from the Connecticut Senate Republicans’ “A Better Way” to “A Safer Connecticut” initiative, which takes a holistic approach to identify and address issues that impact Connecticut residents, such as crime, food insecurity, and substance abuse. The initiative evaluated how these issues impact the quality of life for people and children in the State.

“If children do not have a safe home, their basic needs are not being met and they cannot even think about thriving in school or a job because they are focused on more basic human needs,” Sen. Kelly said, “Access to safe housing is important to ensure a stable environment for every person, including and especially our children. I applaud my fellow lawmakers for recognizing the importance of improving affordability and safety when it comes to housing in our state. More must be done to make housing in our state safer and more affordable.”

S.B. 996 seeks to improve housing conditions by ending hidden ownership. A significant problem identified by community stakeholders is the increase of landlords who hide their identities in property purchases through LLC shell companies. This shields landlords from being held accountable to renters and results in poor housing conditions. Transparency is an important step in supporting renters and holding landlords accountable for the conditions of their property.

S.B. 996 seeks to study the federal Housing Choice Voucher Program. The federal Section 8 housing choice voucher program has been criticized for provisions that prevent tenants from living with unauthorized residents, including family members. The policy creates issues in which tenants must choose between housing support and maintaining a home with a two-parent support system. No one should have to choose between their home and support structures for themselves and their children.

S.B. 996 seeks to support improvements to housing to provide an ongoing benefit for residents of a residential building. This establishes a housing authority resident quality of life improvement grant program administered by the Department of Housing. Grants to resident boards would assist in improving living conditions to benefit residents and support safe homes. This provides residents the opportunity to determine the amenities that are useful to them in their residential building, such as community gardens, outdoor lighting, and recreational spaces.

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*Sen. Kelly represents the 21st District of Stratford, Shelton, Seymour, and Monroe.



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