Sen. Somers votes “Yes” on “work in progress” CT budget bill

April 19, 2023

Sen. Heather Somers (R-Groton), who serves as a Chief Deputy Senate Republican Leader, today issued the following statement in response to the fiscal year 2024-2025 spending proposal that was released today by the leadership of the General Assembly’s Appropriations Committee:

“There are many things to like in this bill, and I appreciate the extensive amount of work that was put into crafting it. There are also some aspects of the bill which are troubling, so there is room for improvement.  I view this bill as a work in progress – a living document which will be intensely debated, negotiated and ultimately adjusted over the next several weeks. So therefore today I voted yes.  The people of Connecticut deserve a balanced budget which keeps our state on a sound fiscal path while helping to address the pressing needs of our most vulnerable and struggling residents. The budget discussions must continue to insure all voices are heard in this process, but I am confident that we can work together to deliver a responsible document to the governor’s desk. I thank all of the members on the Appropriations Committee – Democrats and Republicans alike.  Specifically, I want to thank my fellow Conservation and Development Subcommittee members who have spent many hours focusing on addressing our state’s transportation, health, human services needs.”